Payment Channels
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Standard Benefits
Members may avail of any of the following Health Care Benefits under our Standard Program at any Fortune CARE Clinics and/ or affiliated institutions.


The following healthcare services are available at Fortune CARE-owned clinics:
           - Immunization excluding cost of sera
           - Consultations and advice on diet, exercise and other healthy habits
           - Family Planning and Counseling
           - Well-baby care (for member's unenrolled baby less than 3 months of age)

Annual Physical Examination at Fortune CARE clinics or at company premises upon corporate account’s request
           - Physical Examination and Medical History Taking
           - Chest X-ray
           - Urinalysis and Fecalysis
           - CBC
           - ECG, Pap Smear, FBS (for 35 years old and above or if indicated)


The out-patient benefits are provided for the diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury,which does not require hospitalization. The following OPD services shall only be availed in any of our Fortune CARE owned clinics or through our Medical Coordinator in Fortune CARE accredited hospitals in provincial areas where there are no Fortune CARE Owned clinics.
           - Consultation during clinic hours
           - EENT (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat) Care
           - Treatment of minor injuries, such as lacerations, abrasions, mild burns, sprains, etc.
           - Minor Surgical procedures available at Fortune CARE Clinics for covered lesions
           - Necessary routine laboratory test and commonly available diagnostic procedures, including ECG & X-ray
              examinations, as prescribed by Fortune CARE physicians & specialists
           - Pre and post-natal care in Fortune CARE-owned clinics only
           - Out-patient services will include first dose of anti-rabies, anti-tetanus, anti-venom during emergency cases
              up to P5,000.00 per year (single availment only)
           - Cauterization of warts except genital and sexually transmitted warts up to P2,500.00 per year.